Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to end your damn stupid relationship

There are few steps before your so called precious relationship comes to an end. This is how it starts.

Intrapsyhic phase- 1st phase in relationship termination. When an individual engages in an internal evaluation of the partner.

Dyadic phase- 2cd phase. When the individual discusses termination together

Social phase- 3rd phase. When your social network of both parties are informed and invovled in their termination process

Grave dressing- Final phase(sucks). When partners generate public explanation and move past relationship.

There are two strategies before you end up saying we should break up.

Indirect termination strategies- Attempts to break up a relationship without explicitly stating the desire to do so. ( You may say this to your partner-Lets just be friends...I love you but I don't know maybe its my fault). In malay it is called cover line...padahal dah ada awek lain atau balak lain.

Direct termination strategies- Explicit statement of a desire to end up a relationship. ( You may say this to your partner- I've found someone else or I can't stand to be around you anymore.) In malay culture this is harsh. Frust menonggeng bile balak or awek korang cakap macam ni..rasa mcm nak bagi penumbuk kat hidung....

Now you know how to end up your stupid relationship..Selamat mencuba & goodluck while attempting this.


  1. Bagus kuar exam nih...

    sat lg mesti hang leh jwb!!! Wunderbar!!!

  2. Bersemangat betul ko nk jawab Interpersonall Communications.. Strategies ni ko praktikkan tak dulu... Hehhehehe... :)

  3. Ko diam la naz..kecoh la..
    Zahira aku menyesal la jugak sb x praktik kannya dulu..ptt aku bt direct termination..hehe

  4. hahaha. apesal aku mcm suka je apa ko tulis ni bai..