Thursday, May 21, 2009

quick note just a short one

Done judging for shout award this evening in damansara..200 awaits..need money to carry on living. Money seems to be vital at some point..the night before had a wonderful experience fishing in janda baik..unfortunately didn't bump into any janda yang 'baik' luck i guess..

Patin keli talapia seems to love me. they can't stop eating my "dedak" and all 8 of them fell into my hand. what a catch for a dump beginner like me...

my friends especially hasnol dude im sorry im going to penanti without you. Last minute got the going for a week so don't miss me too much. will be on the road tomorrow afternoon at 2.30 pm.

Lets see how it goes there...salute!


  1. and i'll be missing u too much for another 3 days :(

  2. and u just mention hasnol's name je??

    hasnol tengok dye syg ko lebih dr sayang aku.


  3. La... manje nye Cik Naz ni... Satu ari nnt Dodol awak jd Journalist yg terkemuka di M'sia lg dia bz... Dh ready ka awak tuk tu? hehehheh

    Pian.. nnt dr Penanti ko berenang gi island jumpa Chino k.. xoxoxo dia tuk aku..

  4. aku mintak maaf naz, aku x berniat begitu. aku bukan gay, yet. sial ah ko pian!

  5. hahaha aku gurau je la hasnol :P

  6. Last minit la hasnol...ala naz relax la..